There is so much to see and do in Grand Cayman that it makes it hard to decide what to do so we're going to make it easy for you! Our completely customizeable charters allow you to see the best that our island has to offer all in one day. We'll take you on a cruise through the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean to the ever famous location of Stingray City Sandbar, top snorkeling destinations, the quaint beaches of Starfish Point and many more. Just let us know what it is you'd like to see and we promise to do our best to make that happen!


Don't worry about lugging your snorkel gear along we have masks, fins and snorkels on the boat! We'll take you to some of the finest snorkel locations that are only accessible by boat. Hop in and see what all the rave is about on Grand Cayman's reefs!


Explore the ex USS Kittiwake although most of her missions are still classified there is still tons of history to be seen hidden amongst her five decks. This wreck is perfect for anyone looking for a little adventure. You can snorkel along the surface or if you're feeling a little more daring dive down and explore the upper decks which sit in about 30 feet of water.
Test your fishing skills among our plentiful reef. Our staff knows all the best fishing spots to make sure you make the best of your experience with us.
Whether you're looking for an underwater filled adventure or a relaxing cruise on the boat all of our charters include a tour of the North Sound of Grand Cayman so sit back relax and enjoy our scenic paradise!


Explore the complex waterways that create the base ecosystem for our island. Famously recognized by their root systems, these mangroves begin beneath the water surface providing a safehaven for young sea life and branch up to prop up the plant system creating a great place to spot Iguanas lounging in the sun.