What is Starfish Point and Where is it Located?

Starfish Point, a white sand beach peninsula located on the northern side of Grand Cayman, is home to the Red Cushion Sea Stars (Oreaster Reticulatus). The knee-deep water spanning into the luscious sea grass fields creates the ideal habitat for the sea stars to scavenge for food and sunbathe. The calm, protected waters are shallow enough that snorkel equipment is not even needed in order to see these fascinating little creatures. Although Starfish Point is accessible by car it is most commonly frequented by boat since is it just a short ride from Stingray City. The docile sea stars paired with the calm, shallow water is the perfect stop for guests of all ages.

Starfish Point Excursion - Grand Cayman Cruise

All of our charters are completely customizable, so if you’re looking to visit Starfish Point, we will absolutely make that happen. We do our best to avoid the crowds so upon departing the dock your captain will organize the order of the stops for your charter based on the weather, crowd, and time that day.  Once we arrive at Starfish Point we will anchor the boat close enough to Starfish Point that you won’t even need to get off the boat to see the sea stars. Our crew members will give you a short briefing on how to handle the sea stars and then you are free to get in the water if you choose. One of our crew members will be in the water with you to demonstrate how to handle the sea stars, answer any questions you may have or to just hang out to make your experience more comfortable.

How to Book a Starfish Point, Grand Cayman Tour

Starfish Point is one of our most commonly requested stops and is included for all of our charters unless otherwise requested. To book a cruise to Starfish Point please contact us through our contact form. If you have a few more questions, aren’t sure of something or are just looking for someone to chat with, feel free to email us at info@rswcayman.com or call us at +1 (345) 916-6126

Starfish Point FAQ

What kinds of Starfish will I see at Starfish Point?

The most common sea star found at Starfish Point is the Red Cushion Sea Star (Oreaster Reticulatus). They are generally red, orange, brown or yellow in color; the juveniles are green and brown to provide camouflage amongst the sea grass from predators. These sea stars have 5 arms and typically range from 8 to 14 inches in diameter. They have a hard outer shell with raised knobby spines. Their bodies do not contain blood, they operate on a water-vascular system in which they use sea water to transport nutrients throughout their bodies, which is why you should NEVER remove the sea stars from the water. These are just a few facts about sea stars to learn more join us for a charter and ask one of our knowledgeable crew members about the lives of starfish!

What is the difference between a starfish and a sea star?

Sea Stars and Starfish refer to the same creature. Marine scientists are in the process of phasing out the starfish’s common name with the name sea star since they are not actually a type of fish. Sea Stars are a type of echinoderm, closely related to sea urchins or sand dollars.

Can I touch the starfish?

Yes, you can touch and hold the starfish, they are very friendly! If you’re patient you may even get a starfish hug, just ask one of our crew members to help you!

Are starfish dangerous? Can they hurt me?

No, the Red Cushion Sea Stars that are found at Starfish Point pose no natural threat to humans, therefore, you must take extra care to handle them gently, not remove them from the water or step on them.

Do I have to get in the water?

If you do not wish to get into the water while on your charter with us you are welcome to relax and enjoy your day without even stepping foot off the boat. Just inform one of our crew members and we will be able to bring some Starfish alongside the boat so that you can get a closer look from the comfort of the boat.

Can I still go in the water even if I can’t swim?

We anchor our boat very close to Starfish Point so that you can step right off the boat into the knee-deep water. All of the Starfish interaction takes place in ankle to knee-deep water so there is no swimming or snorkelling necessary to see the Starfish.

Does this interaction hurt the starfish in any way?

Interacting with the sea stars is not harmful to them, sea stars have a very underdeveloped sensory system but are still somewhat sensitive to changes in temperature, light and water positioning.

Are they held captive?

The Red Cushion Sea Stars that frequent the peninsula are not held captive, they are free to come and go as they please, in fact, they migrate to Starfish Point daily. The Sea Stars like to sunbathe in the shallow waters of Starfish Point during the day and retreat to the deeper seagrass bottom just beyond the peninsula to seek food and protection at night.

How should I act around the starfish? Are there things I shouldn’t do?

The Starfish are very docile, slow moving creatures and do not mind being handled gently. YOU MAY NOT TAKE THE STARFISH OUT OF THE WATER. Removing the starfish from the water for even just a few seconds is very harmful to them.

Is the Starfish Point kid-friendly?

Starfish Point is one of the more popular stops for children. The calm shallow waters create the perfect setting for even the youngest of children to interact with the docile starfish at a slow, comfortable pace.

Is there anything I should bring with me (snacks, towels, etc.)?

We provide towels, bottled water, and a selection of sodas and snacks to all of our guests. If you have any particular requests please let us know in advance and we will do our best to accommodate any special orders for your charter.

Will someone be taking photos?

We offer pre-arranged photo packages, if you are interested in having a photographer on your charter head on over to our photography page to learn more!

Will my valuables (phone, camera, etc.) be safe while I’m in the water?

Starfish Point does not require venturing far from the boat, it is safe to leave any valuables on the boat, if you wish to explore a little further from the boat a member of our crew always stays near the boat. Our cabin door is also lockable if you prefer to keep any valuable stowed away in the cabin.

Will you provide snorkelling gear?

Although snorkel equipment is not necessary at Starfish Point, we have plenty of snorkel gear on the boat ready for your charter with a variety of sizes, ranging from childrens to adults.

What else will we be able to see besides the starfish?

Starfish Point is scattered with an abundance of Red Cushion Sea Stars but from time to time you may see a few other visitors to the site such as Stingrays, Eagle Rays, Conch and a few fish.

What else is there to do at Starfish Point?

There white sand beach creates the perfect location for family photos, sand castle building or even a beach picnic. There are plenty of trees along the beach and luscious vegetation teaming with tropical flowers, butterflies, iguanas, and lizards if you wish to explore a little more of the island’s plant and land life.

I want to avoid the crowds, is this possible?

While some of the hot spots can get busy from time to time we make it our mission to ensure you have the best time possible and avoid the crowds. In order to do this, your captain will organize the order of the stops for your charter the day of based on the weather, crowds and time. There are plenty of stops for everyone to share so if one location is too busy your captain will simply go to a different stop until the crowd dies down. By doing so this ensures you have a more personable encounter with the wildlife on your charter.

I really like Starfish Point and want to stay there longer, can I do that?

We provide charters at an hourly rate so if you would like to extend your charter longer than you originally booked you are able to do so. This is contingent upon availability. The same hourly rate applies for charter extensions. Please visit our prices page for more information.