What is Stingray City?

Stingray City is located within the reef protected bay of the North Sound and is 5.5 miles from shore. The sandbar is formed from a naturally occurring cut in the barrier reef that surrounds Grand Cayman on three sides. It is about a 20 minute ride by boat to get there, close to Starfish Point and many great snorkeling locations. Stingray City originated in the 1980’s as a dive site, allowing only divers to interact with the Stingrays. Soon after becoming a popular attraction to divers Stingray City was “moved” to the sandbar where it is located still today. The Stingrays that frequent Stingray City are like puppies, they just want food and attention! They are not dangerous to humans and are actually quite friendly, they even give kisses and massages.

Stingray City Grand Cayman Tour

When you charter with Robert Soto’s Watersports we try to give you the best Stingray City experience. After your whole group is aboard the boat your captain for the day will make sure to get you to all of your requested stops. Based on the time and crowd we may change the order of the stops to make sure you get to visit each location with as much peace and privacy as possible. Since Stingray City is one of our most popular locations in Grand Cayman we have altered our departure times to ensure the least amount of traffic while visiting the Sandbar.

How to Book a Trip to Stingray City

Stingray City is one of our most commonly requested stops and is included for all of our charters unless otherwise requested. To book a trip to Stingray City please contact us through our contact form. If you have a few more questions, aren’t sure of something or are just looking for someone to chat with, feel free to email us at info@rswcayman.com or call us at +1 (345) 916-6126

Stingray City FAQs

What kind of Stingrays are at Stingray City?

Southern Stingrays are the most common Stingrays at Stingray City.
Can I touch the stingrays?

Yes, you can hold, touch and even kiss the Stingrays!

Where is Stingray City?

Stingray City is a naturally occurring Sandbar located just inside the barrier reef within the North Sound of Grand Cayman

How deep is the water at Stingray City?

The water at Stingray City is 3 to 5 feet deep.

Are stingrays dangerous? Can they hurt me?

The stingrays at Stingray City have been interacting with humans daily for many, many years. They are not dangerous to us. Stingrays will not attack you unless provoked. Contrary to popular belief it is very uncommon for a stingray to “sting” a human. They only have one mechanism of defence against predators, therefore they do not want to “sting” anyone or anything unless truly necessary. We do not recommend approaching any Stingrays in the wild, as mentioned before, the Stingrays at Stingray City are used to human interaction.

Can I still go in the water even if I can’t swim?

The water at Stingray City is shallow so swimming is not necessary to interact with the Stingrays. All of our boats are equipped with child and adult life jackets if you prefer to wear one while in the water.

Does this interaction hurt the stingrays in any way?

Interacting with the stingrays at Stingray City is not harmful to the stingrays, but they are living animals and care must be taken when near the stingrays. Ask one of our crew members how to be respectful when interacting with the stingrays at Stingray City.

Are they held captive?

The stingrays at Stingray City are free to come and go as they please. Some of the more famous stingrays that frequent Stingray City are commonly seen on nearby dive and snorkel sites. Ask one of our crew members which stingray is their favorite!

Will someone be in the water with me?

At least one of our crew members will be in the water with your group at each stop during your charter.

Is Stingray City safe for kids?

Stingray City is safe for kids and adults of all ages.

Is there anything I should bring with me (snacks, towels, etc.)?

We provide towels, bottled water, and a selection of sodas and snacks to all of our guests. If you have any particular requests please let us know in advance and we will do our best to accommodate any special orders for your charter.

What will we feed the stingrays?

Squid is what’s on the menu!

How do suction marks happen and can I avoid them?

Suction marks or 'Stingray hickies' are a case of mistaken identity, they have poor eyesight and may confuse you for food. Stingrays do not have teeth, they suck their food up into their mouths and then grind it up with their grinding plates to digest it. Approaching the stingrays in a calm, respectful manner helps to avoid stingray hickies. Stingrays have a great sense of smell so once your captain brings the squid into the water to feed the stingrays it is important to stay relaxed in order to avoid stingray hickies.

Will you provide snorkeling gear?

We have plenty of snorkel gear on the boat ready for your charter with a variety of sizes, ranging from children to adults. No fins or footwear of any kind is permitted at Stingray City, but sometimes guests enjoy wearing a snorkeling mask to get a closer look at the stingrays.

Will someone be taking photos?

We offer pre-arranged photo packages, if you are interested in having a photographer on your charter head on over to our photography page to learn more!

Where can I leave my valuables (phone, camera, etc.) while in the water?

Stingray City does not require venturing far from the boat, it is safe to leave any valuables on the boat, if you wish to explore a little further from the boat a member of our crew always stays near the boat. Our cabin door is also lockable if you prefer to keep any valuable stowed away in the cabin

Will I see sharks?

Sharks are very uncommon to see at Stingray City.